Design 2 ProductionVirtual, Hands-On!

3D Printing & Maker Camp @ RCBI!

– We will be taking BRAIN BREAKS! about every hour. These 5 minute breaks will give us time to grab a snack, drink, and clear our heads. We’ll get our focus on in the mean time!

– You’ll need access to paper and penciluse colored pens/pencils if you like!

– Your 3d Prints, Laser-Cuts, Tee Shirt, Certificate, and Merchandise from Suddenlink will be mailed to you immediately after the end of camp. Most campers receive their package in one day (on Saturday)!

– After-hours Troubleshooters office hours M-Th, 1-2 pm; come hang out, connect with us and oneanother in an informal environment, catch up on your projects, or get ahead on the next. Bring complexity and depth to design and creation by spending this time with us!

Resource: Drive Uploader Link for Files:



  • Learn basic, and advanced 3d modeling techniques.
  • Start with the end in sight! Learn to design for 3d printing, and lasercutting
  • Develop problem-solving skills with Design Thinking methods!
  • Apply your new skills to creating a product, brand, and business
  • Use these new skills¬†immediately in contests for prizes and scholarships!
  • Learn about manufacturing & STEM education and career paths.


  • Create an entirely custom 3d printed project!
  • Learn to modify existing 3d designs.
  • Create a custom 2d design for laser-cutting!
  • Laser-cut an entirely custom project!
  • Use advanced manufacturing to create a solution to a problem
  • Meet special guests, new friends, and bonus tips & tricks in our after-hours Troubleshooters Sessions 1:00-2:00 pm.



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Intro to 3DP! The Trifecta of Successful 3D Printing

  • Adhesion
  • Infill
  • Support

3D Printer Anatomy info-sheet

TinkerCad – Tutorials, custom keychain/zipper pull project!

1:00-2:00 – Troubleshooters: Office Hours…


9:00 – Design Thinking with RCBI’s Tyler Brandstetter!

10:00 – Applying what we’ve learned: Problem-solving meets Advanced Manufacturing

11:00 – Prototype some solutions, prepare for 2D laser activity

1:00-2:00 – Troubleshooters: Office Hours…


9:00 – Resin Printing with Maker Vault Member David Kalinoski!

10:00 – Continue 2D laser designs/cuts

11:00 – Manufacturer Tour Suddenlink with Bob & Bethany!

1:00-2:00 – Troubleshooters: Office Hours…


9:00 – Business Model & Marketing with RCBI’s Tyler Brandstetter!

10:00 – Bringing it all together… Learn about projects, contests, and how to capitalize on your new learning and remarkable projects!!

1:00-2:00 – Troubleshooters: Office Hours…


9:00 – Catch-up, clean-up, and tie-up loose ends! Review resources…

10:00 – RCBI Tour

PLEASE WAIT until after the tour, then Click here to take the NBT Post-Camp Survey…

11:00 – Certificates & Projects Presentation on YouTube Live!

*Share the above link with friends and family, so they can see your cool creations, take-home items, and certificate presentation!!