Machinist Technology/CNC Program

Learn the skills you need to become an entry level machinist and earn a career-enhancing associate degree at the same time!  With a 90 percent placement rate, our program offers specialized, hands-on instruction to prepare you for immediate employment and lifelong professional advancement.

Program Options

  • Machinist Technology/CNC Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree option
  • Technical Training Certificate option
  • Machinist Technology Skill-set option
  • CNC Skill-set option

College Degree Option

Students have the option to earn an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree through our partnership with Mountwest Community & Technical College. Two-year A.A.S. degrees require, on average, 60 credit hours that full-time students typically earn in four semesters.

Students also have the option to earn a certificate degree through Mountwest. Certificate degrees require, on average, 30 credit hours that full-time students typically earn in two semesters.


The program is available to high school seniors and high school graduates, dislocated workers, welfare-to-work participants, employed individuals, participants in state or privately funded education or training programs, and employers who are expanding the technical capabilities of their current workforce.


Marshall Advanced Manufacturing Center programs are not open enrollment programs and have admission and candidacy requirements in addition to community college admission guidelines. Each applicant must submit high school transcripts or G.E.D. records. We also assess each applicant’s math skills and require an interview with our staff members. Learn more about our requirements on the “Apply” page, linked above.

Watch to learn more about what a machinist does.

Training in Huntington
and South Charleston.

The Marshall Advanced Manufacturing Center’s Machinist Technology/CNC Program is funded, in part, through our Manufacturing, Aviation and Construction Skills Training Project, a $2.39 million initiative, with $1,499,410 in funding from the U.S. Department of Labor  – Employment and Training Administration. 

Scholarships, free tuition and fees

    West Virginia Grants and Funding

    West Virginia Invests Grant

    Students from West Virginia who attend the Marshall Advanced Manufacturing Center’s Machinist Technology/CNC Associate Degree Program may be eligible for free tuition through the West Virginia Invests Grant program.

    Free Application for Federal Student Aid

    College Foundation of West Virginia

    West Virginia Promise Scholarship

    West Virginia Engineering, Science and Technology Scholarship Program

    Gene Haas Foundation Scholarships

    Machinist Technology/CNC students at the Marshall Advanced Manufacturing Center are eligible to apply for scholarships from the Gene Haas Foundation.

    Scholarships will be awarded to students currently enrolled in the Program as well as students enrolling for fall 2021. Recipients are selected based on grade point average, attendance and other factors.

    Hearst Foundations Scholarship

    Rural/low-income, female and minority students enrolled in the Machinist Technology/CNC Program or the Welding Technology Program are eligible for scholarships funded by the Hearst Foundations, which support non-profits like the Marshall Advanced Manufacturing Center to ensure that people of all backgrounds in the US have the opportunity to build healthy, productive and inspiring lives.