CNC Machining Bootcamps

Why Machining Bootcamps
The U.S. manufacturing industry is struggling to find skilled individuals to fill machining and machine tool jobs. The need is urgent. That’s why the Marshall Advanced Manufacturing Center (formerly RCBI) is part of a new national effort to restore the prominence of the U.S. machine tools sector and ensure global competitiveness. Through ACE (America’s Cutting Edge), a U.S. Department of Defense-funded initiative, the Marshall Advanced Manufacturing Center is partnering with the National Composites Institute to offer a series of CNC Machining Bootcamps for people of all ages and all skill levels. The goal is to encourage people from diverse backgrounds to consider careers in manufacturing and ensure that existing machinists have the knowledge to take full advantage of the latest machine tool technology and techniques.

Training Format
Bootcamps include a self-paced online component, which takes about six hours to complete, and one week of in-person, hands-on instruction at our Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centers in Huntington or Charleston, or at one of our partner sites in Kentucky, Ohio or West Virginia.

Individuals high school age or older who live, work or attend school in West Virginia, Ohio or Kentucky are eligible to participate.

None. No prior experience or training is required. Bootcamp participants will be grouped by experience level. For some individuals, this will be their first exposure to machining. For many manual machinists, our bootcamps will provide an introduction to the operation of computer-controlled machines. And for experienced CNC (computer-numerical-control) machinists, the bootcamps will teach advanced techniques and processes to improve efficiency, precision and productivity.

There’s no cost to participate. It’s absolutely, positively free!

Contact Carol Howerton, senior strategic advisor for workforce development, at or 304.781.1680.