Continuous Miner Operator

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Philippi, WV

  • Minimum of High School diploma or GED equivalent
  • Follow specific instructions while maintaining acceptable established standards of work performance and conduct, show the necessary and consistent energy, as well as acceptable mental and physical dexterity, for the satisfactory completion of the essential duties as summarized and defined.
  • Exhibit acceptable interpersonal skills and the continuous ability to work in a team-oriented atmosphere.
  • Participate in the Behavior Based Safety process and work safely.
  • WV underground certification required
  • Past continuous miner operator experience

How to Apply


  • Operate remote controlled continuous mining machine at mine face to cut material according to company standards (even ribs, on centers, proper width, optimum load rate, optimum quality, proper cut cycle, etc.), and load it into haulage system being utilized.
  • Tram miner to and from working face areas safely and efficiently.
  • Conduct pre-operational visual, physical and operational checks on machine; manually maintain (hang) proper face ventilation; use hand-held examination devices to conduct gas checks; visually and physically examine conditions of faces, roof and ribs of each place being cut.
  • Perform routine maintenance (including cleaning) on machine; change cutter head bits; clean/replace water sprays; examine and maintain dust scrubbers all of these activities require use of hand tools.
  • Conduct all work activities in compliance with Federal and State coal mining laws and Company policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

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