Maintenance Supervisor

Okuno International
#184 Prichard Industrial Park Road

1 – Able to make equipment repair assessment

2 – Run in operator’s position when necessary

3 – Knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and numerical maintenance

4 – Perform quick turnaround (make parts, short term fix, problem solving, etc.)

5 – Communicate technical information with service vendors

6 – Able to read blue prints and electrical charts

7 – Communicate respectfully with customers, vendors, and Team Members

8 – Able to perform statistical studies enabling PM and intervals to be set

9 – Work behavior/ style must reflect Company philosophy, standard, policy, and

culture of constant improvement

7 – Contribute to the Company’s profitability through QCDSM


How to Apply
Apply at the Company during the work hours of 8:30AM – 5:00PM
OKUNO International, Inc.
#184 Prichard Industrial Park Road
Prichard, West Virginia 25555
304 486 5765



RESPONSIBILITY:        Preventative maintenance and function of Equipment, Building, and Grounds


GOAL:                          To keep equipment running efficiently  and develop, implement, and maintain a preventative maintenance program


WORK SCHEDULE:      Hours based on Company Work Time Schedule and any additional time necessary to meet job responsibilities


WORK TIME:                Set by Production Manager – core time is 9.5 hours/ day

Changes when order changes, shifts move or other circumstances

Overtime required as needed

Expected to work additional Sat/ Sun as needed


REPORTS TO:              Production Manager



                                    – Support line by ensuring all equipment is safely and efficiently operating

– Responsible to support Quality(Q), Cost (C), Delivery (D), Safety (S), Morale (M) activities

(daily operation and mid – to – long term goals).

– Train Team Members/ Staff on daily maintenance requirements

– 5S in Maintenance area

– Control and order spare parts, jigs, fixtures and equipment supplies

– Responsible for maintaining all Safety inspections related to equipment, building, and grounds     (i.e. Fire extinguishers, sprinklers, cranes/ hoist, dock area, equipment supplies)

– Accountable for accurate record keeping related to maintenance (purchasing, safety, inspections preventative maintenance record keeping)

–  Participate/ Support Customer requirements/ Customer satisfaction

                                    – Support safety / environmental projects and programs

– Other tasks as assigned by the Production Manager

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