Mill Operator

Lignetics, Inc.

  •  High School diploma or GED preferred.
  •  Requires working knowledge of all aspects of the production process.
  •  Requires a high degree of technical, analytical, and leadership skills.
  •  Must be able to pass the company forklift certification.
  •  Must be able to lift up to 150 lbs safely, nearly waste high, and stand for up to 12 hours per day.
  •  Requires ability to use catwalks and climb ladders that connect catwalks up to 30 feet high.
  •  Requires mechanical and troubleshooting skills to solve pellet mill maintenance problems.
  •  Requires the ability to do simple to complex math calculations.
  •  Must be able to work in a high temperature/ humidity area.


How to Apply


  • Responsible for operating and adjusting two different styles of pellet mills.
  • Responsible for the Dryer Inlet and outlet temperatures and their regulation.
  • For each dryer, an operator will be responsible for the operation of 30-50 different pieces of machinery to include: augers, screws, conveyors and 2-4 Hammer mills.
  • Responsible for maintaining watch over bin levels to include raw material, C.P.M., Dry Hog, and fuel bins.
  • Regulate material mix to obtain the optimal pellet moisture and pellet density ratio.
  • Strive to keep pellet moisture between 3-4% wet and density between 44-45 lbs per compacted square foot by altering the ratio of fresh and old sawdust and wet and dry shavings.
  • Continuously watch for problems troubleshooting equipment malfunctions, spot fires, and hot bearings.
  • Maintain pellet mill feed rates and adjust or change pellet mill rolls/dies accordingly.
  • Use AC drives and controllers to maintain optimal production and quality pellet output.
  • Complete a daily Dryer Report detailing temperature readings every 30 minutes, dried material moisture every 15 minutes, pellet moisture/density checks every hour.
  • Complete a Shift Report outlining the average pellet moisture and density at the end of the shift, total pellet mill hours, natural gas hours and estimate of tonnage.
  • On the Pellet Mill Report, operators must track mill water, feed rates, oil levels, pressures, and temperatures of the C.P.M. mills and start up and shut down of mills.
  • Maintain a clean work area by clearing piles of sawdust around the mill room.
  • As a Lead person, responsibilities include supervising and coaching the Packaging, Loader, and
  • Mill Operators on the shift.
  • Collect the shift Operator reports and verify that the paperwork is complete and accurate.
  • Complete daily Shift Summary Reports.
  • Report and monitor employee tardiness, attendance, call-ins, incidents, accidents, and maintenance requests.
  • In coordination with the Production Supervisor, participate in interviewing applicants, making hiring recommendations, coaching, disciplining, and performance evaluations.
  • Lead by example with exemplary attendance, work ethic, positive attitude, professionalism, and a safety-first mentality.

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