Plant Electrician

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Philippi, WV

  • WV Electrician’s Card
  • PLC troubleshooting experience preferred
  • High school graduate or equivalent experience
  • Excellent interpersonal /communication skills and the ability to work with others in a team environment
  • Work ethic that allows him/her to demonstrate ability daily with minimum supervision
  • Previous plant and/or general heavy maintenance experience strongly preferred
  • Demonstrated commitment to safety through previous performance history


How to Apply


  • Perform electrical, mechanical and hydraulic inspections, testing, maintenance and repair work associated with a coal preparation plant.
  • Perform scheduled, unscheduled and preventative maintenance on preparation plant equipment/installations by using numerous types of hand tools, precision measuring instruments, diagnostic equipment (voltmeters, ammeters, etc.) and machine tools to replace parts and components, make repairs, conduct rebuilds, dismantle and reassemble equipment and components as necessary.
  • Read and interpret blue prints and wiring diagrams and follow maintenance manuals and parts books to set up and perform tasks.
  • Perform welding and acetylene torch cutting work on as needed basis.
  • May be required to document all or certain work activities and related information.
  • Periodically perform certain duties assigned primarily to other position(s), as follows:
  • Use density weigh scale instrument to manually obtain the wash circuit’s fluid media operating gravity and compare it with the automated nuclear density gauge’s (K-ray) gravity reading to determine if the gauge needs to be adjusted (if they match or not).
  • Examine operation of static thickener by performing manual and visual checks and with the use of instruments for: clarity, bed level, density, torque, pH and overall appearance of thickener.
  • Perform preventative maintenance greasing of plant parts/components/equipment/installations using hand held grease gun.
  • Perform manual duties such as washing plant floor with water hose, shoveling spills, etc.
  • Operate mobile equipment.
  • Conduct all work activities in compliance with Federal and State coal mining laws and Company policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Willingness to work a flexible schedule to accommodate various site needs.

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