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Charleston, WV

  • Understands “automotive” expectations and knows what steps are required to meet them.
  • Understands both Advanced and Reactive Quality and can easily work in either environment.
  • Willing and able to travel and work globally.
  • Can talk confidently with customers to reassure them and to build strong relationships.
  • Work effectively with the global teams in Mexico, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
  • Understands and operates within ISO/TS/IATF requirements and procedures.
  • Moderately proficient with all Microsoft Office application but very proficient at Excel and able to sort, pivot and filter data to draw valid and statistically relevant conclusions.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate in the English language (written and verbally).


How to Apply


  • Coordinates Quality activities to meet customer objectives and satisfaction.
  • Manage Local Representatives at global customer sites and continuously work with them to meet customer quality objectives.
  • Continuously improve the capabilities of the Local Representatives to be the trusted first responders for the customer.
  • Develops trusting and professional 2-way relationships with customers by keeping them happy while managing costs.
  • Works with Local Representatives to make sure that sorting is managed properly and according to inspection standards and the Statement of Work. Verifies that costs are appropriate and approves them for work done by 3rd parties.
  • Makes sure that problem situations at customer sites are managed quickly and effectively.
  • Makes sure that the Local Representatives coordinate immediate containment and directs the activities within the company to deliver proper Corrective Action Report (8D) submissions to the customers within prescribed time limits.
  • Required to travel to both the facility and customer manufacturing plants to handle first level escalations on both development and launching programs.
  • Develop an understanding of company standards, products, and production to be able to effectively explain them to customers.

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