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The Chapman Printing Company is headquartered in Huntington, West Virginia since 1922. The Chapman Printing Company has locations in Charleston, WV, Huntington, WV, Morgantown, WV and Parkersburg, WV. In 1964, a corporation formed by Mr. Marshall T. Reynolds and Mr. John Harrah, the Harrah & Reynolds Corporation, purchased Chapman Printing Company from Mr. John Chapman. From a small, community-based printing company an aggressive, powerful and responsible organization has grown. Acquisition has played an important role in the history of the Company. The ability to better serve our customer base has been enhanced by the synergies brought to the forefront by the personnel operations and direction of additional operations. At Chapman Printing we do more than just printing. From forms and stationery to color printing, office supplies, promotional products, and office furniture—as part of the Champion Industries network, we have many powerful resources available to serve you better. With a reputation as West Virginia’s premier full color printer, The Chapman Printing Company employs the latest in digitized scanners, retouching, color correction and color proofing processes. State of the art pre-press technology compliments the pressrooms five and six color sheet fed presses with in-line coating. Our full bindery adds the final touch to high end production of showpieces such as inserts, catalogs, annual reports, magazines, and advertising brochures. Printing services include; • Five divisions with color presses provide quick printing turn around • Web press printing to meet high volume color printing needs • Print On Demand • Local digital proofing systems for quick proofing • Free delivery to your location Chapman Printing has the forms you need when you need them. Specializing in the production of quality forms for hospitals, banks, insurance companies, municipalities, universities and retail outlets, Chapman Printing supplies both short and long run business forms in up to eight colors. A staff of experienced technicians is available to assist in developing concepts for forms, direct mail and commercial printing. Chapman Printing Management Program offers complete warehousing facilities, custom packaging, inventory control and usage reports. Specialty form services include; • Forms Manufacturing • Security Feature Printing • Electronic Variable Imaging Champion Output Solutions is a transactional printing and mailing facility performing comprehensive and complete printing and mailing services within the banking, medical, insurance and utility industries. Output solutions include; • Utility Billing • Statement Rendering • Hospital and Physicians’ Billing • Variable Check and EOB Printing • Presorting and Postal Optimization Contact a Chapman Printing Sales Representative today. We’ll help you make a statement—and more.


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