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WELL-FOUNDED PROFESSIONAL ASSESSMENTS Customers often engage MATRIC very early in the conceptual development stage, which allows MATRIC to assess the technology at its purest point in the technology development life cycle. MATRIC leverages the experience and technical skill set of our engineers and scientists to quickly identify potential pitfalls as we diagnose emerging first generation technologies. MATRIC is able to draw upon not only its current staff, but also a huge network of subject matter specialists to provide expert review of every aspect of a technology. Within a very short time, MATRIC can determine whether or not a technology is based on sound principles, whether improvements are required for viability or whether the technology is not worth pursuing for economic or technical reasons. Not only do customers appreciate MATRIC’s honest and forthright evaluations of their technologies, in many instances, engaging MATRIC in the development to commercialization process has saved them as much as 50 percent of total capital costs by avoiding unnecessary process steps and/or using a more economical raw material or a more efficient process technology. MATRIC has also saved clients money by evaluating bench scale technology against full commercial scale technology economics. We often find that technologies that are practical and achievable as a bench scale technology simply are not economically feasible on a commercial scale. Often, MATRIC can adapt the bench scale technology to provide a more suitable and economical commercial scale technology. Typically, these modifications either revive the original use for the technology or lead to introduction of the technology to different markets with higher margins and more end uses. Many times, a customer will begin technology testing and encounter problems in chemical reactions or processes that they are unable to solve. From purity issues to fouling to faulty process design, MATRIC’s experienced scientists, researchers, process engineers, and technical staff are equipped to solve these dilemmas. MATRIC has facilities in two locations: Headquarters and chemical process research and development are located in South Charleston, West Virginia. Software development activities are primarily conducted at our location in Morgantown, West Virginia. Chemical Process Technologies Chemical Catalysis Chemical Process Design and Development Chemical Separations Chemical Crystallization and Solids Processing Chemical Process Scale-Up Renewable Raw Materials Safety Engineering Scientific Glassblowing Technical Engineering Process Engineering Chemical Process Technology Improvement Techno-Economic Modeling Software Technologies GIS Applications Modeling and Simulation Software Engineering Project Portfolio MassEvac Emergency Response COP Energy Data eXchange (EDX) Geocube


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